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Getting to Know the Difference of Traditional Snorkel Masks From Full Face Snorkel Masks

Before you engage in an underwater adventure, it is important to be prepared with the right snorkel mask. Always remember to get a well-fitted snorkel mask to avoid an awkward moment when underwater. Enjoy the view in the underwater world through a reliable snorkel mask, like watching the beautiful corals and colorful fish. There’s always a question whether to choose a full face snorkel or a traditional snorkel mask, a regular snorkel or dry snorkel, or fins versus no fins. Allow us to help you choose the right snorkel for you by knowing the pros and cons of the revolutionary full face mask and the traditional face mask.

A traditional mask consists of a goggle, snorkel tube, and fins. Traditional masks come in different shapes and sizes, covering the eyes and nose to protect them from leakage. When shopping a traditional snorkel mask, choose one that is silicone-made and with wide peripheral vision. For a crystal clear underwater vision, select a traditional snorkel mask with a “no fog” lens. One of the problems users experience is the uncomfortable fit. Traditional snorkel masks cause strong gag reflex which annoys first-time users. The snorkel tube should not cause discomfort when the mouthpiece sits in your mouth. Before use, practice breathing exercises because you’ll only be able to breathe through your mouth. The biggest drawback of traditional snorkel masks has something to do with the gag reflex. Traditional face masks can stop people from enjoying snorkeling if they have a sensitive gag reflex. When resurfacing in water, many divers experience chocking when using a traditional snorkel mask. When the diver is submerged, the hallow snorkel tube can be filled with water. The diver needs to master blowing all the water out when resurfacing.

An advanced snorkel mask resolves the problem we usually face with a traditional face mask. A full face mask totally eliminates the mouthpiece in a traditional snorkel mask for a natural snorkeling experience because the design enables users to breathe naturally underwater through the nose without any restrictions. You will surely love a full face snorkel mask because of the benefits it provides. It is relatively simple and easy to use a full face snorkel mask by just putting it and fully enjoying the experience. Pros and newbies will definitely love full face snorkel masks. The introduction of snorkeling to kids is made more enjoyable using full face masks. With a 180-degree angle screen, full face masks provide a wider and clearer view of the underwater world. Keep the water away from your face and mouth using a full face mask.

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